My name is Ivan Braginsky, or you could call me Russia!
Please don't be afraid to ask me lots of questions. I am always ready to answer them, even if they maybe are a little funny!
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((Ask magical girl nyotalia!! This is an askblog for a madoka-type magical girl au. No nsfw questions! Blog is run by bonnefoii and roachmost. This blog is specifically for the allies, but other characters will be making appearances as well. Character pages can be found here, and they will be edited as the story moves along. Ask away!))



((Kat event over! You can still ask questions about/to her and Anya though.


Anonymous asked: Ooh, your hair is just the right color for you to be Elsa! If you keep the other anon's braid, you should be good to go!



auro-sya asked: Kat, sweetie, I totally understand why you'd want to date Ivan and live a life without worries. BUT I am pretty sure that Ivan isn't looking for that sort of relationship. (Not saying he won't provide for you and Anya, but just a heads up!)

Anonymous asked: Just give me your hair to play with damn it! I could do wonderful things with that hair Kat. At least let me braid it!


Anonymous asked: Anya. *Gives her a yellow toy bunny* It shall protect you through anything.

Halloween is coming up soon. Send me an ask with what you think my muse should dress up as.

Bonus: If I like the idea, I might draw my muse in that costume.

ooc: sorry for the lack of updates!

((It’s been a while so I thought I should probably check in with you guys.

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trickster-braginsky asked: But Kat, are you seriously just willing to dump your lady love in favour of a STRANGER? Just because he's rich? I think something must've happened to you to make you cheat on your girlfriend.... Are you like a Homewrecker or something?

Who’s home am I even wrecking?

Anonymous asked: What do you think about Ivan agreeing to help you raise the baby?

Actually it was more of the other way around, but…

I’m so excited!! I’m excited just to be able to see my baby, but I get to take care of her all the time too and actually be her mama! Plus, I just get to be a stay-at-home mom, I don’t have to do other work or anything! This is heaven!